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When to see a doctor for a cough

When to See a Doctor for a Cough

A child’s cough can be worrisome, especially when it causes discomfort and trouble sleeping. While most coughs will clear up on their own, there are instances where it’s necessary to seek medical evaluation from a...

Teething Rash

What’s a Teething Rash? 

A teething rash, marked by redness and irritation around the mouth, can happen when a baby’s teeth start growing. It might make them feel uncomfortable and fussy, but you can usually make them feel better with simple at...

Child life specialist

What is a Child Life Specialist? 

Child Life Specialists are invaluable allies for children and families facing medical challenges. They provide compassionate care and guidance to help them navigate healthcare more comfortably and confidently...

Fever Too High for Child

When is a Fever Too High for a Child?

It’s natural to worry when your child has a fever, but not all fevers are cause for concern.  A fever is a body temperature that’s 100.4°F or greater. Fever is the body’s natural response to fighting off...